Is Zero Cost Processing right for your business?

Joel Robbins2022-09-14

Learn what Zero Cost Processing is and what businesses can benefit the most.

Is Zero Cost Processing right for your business?


If you've ever run a business, you're probably fully aware of how expensive it can be. It's no secret that card fees are exorbitant and often make you wonder whether or not they're worth it. In fact, we've all heard about some businesses that don't accept credit cards at all because of the high transaction fees. But could it be possible for merchants to actually get rid of card fees altogether? Well yes—it's called Zero Cost Processing!

First, a disclaimer.

Before we dive into the details, let's first make sure we're all on the same page about what Zero Cost Processing actually means.

Zero Cost Processing does not mean that there is no fee being charged to accept a payment from your customer. There is still a fee for each transaction that you process. However, with Zero Cost Processing that fee is passed on to the customer.

The term "zero cost" refers to the idea that there is no cost for a business to accept or processes a credit card. Traditionally businesses are forced to pay anywhere from 2.8% up to 6% for each credit card transaction they accept. With Zero Cost Processing when a customer chooses to pay with a credit card they are responsible for paying their own fees. But when they use cash or check, the customer can fully avoid paying a fee. This is also known as a 'cash discount'.

What do merchant payment processors do?

Merchant payment processors are the middlemen between a customer and a business. They facilitate the transaction between the two parties when making payments, and they charge fees for their services.

Some businesses choose to pay these fees, while others look for ways to reduce or eliminate them altogether.

Who is zero cost processing right for?

Zero cost processing may not be right for every business, but it's definitely a good option for those of you who fall into one of the below categories. It works especially well if your average ticket size is less than a few thousand dollars.

Zero cost processing is a great fit for businesses who:

  • Don't currently accept credit cards
  • Are looking to reduce expenses
  • Have a lower average ticket size

What can zero cost processing do for you?

Zero cost processing can:

  • Reduce business expenses by eliminating the cost of processing credit card transactions by 100%
  • Increase your profits
  • Enable your business to do more

Is getting rid of card fees really possible?

Yes, absolutely!

There are many ways to reduce credit card processing fees—including accepting alternative payment methods like PayPal, cash and check payments—and these methods might be more suitable for some businesses than others.


We won’t lie. Zero cost processing seems like the holy grail for businesses who are tired of paying hefty fees to accept credit card payments. But is it really possible? Yes, absolutely! If you feel your business fits the criteria, give it a try today and let us know what you do with the additional savings.

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