Payments Made Easy for Small Business Owners

Cambri Morris2022-12-07

Simple payments make happy customers. Learn how to simplify your business’s payment process.

We live in a time when technology is commonplace. Your customers are coming to expect certain levels of technological conveniences when shopping and making purchases. As a small business owner, you need to make sure your business is keeping up with the need for convenience by implementing simplified payments.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Imagine you’ve just had an encouraging interaction with a customer and they’re ready to pay. They ask if they can pay you online.

What would you say? Do you have the ability to accept online payments? What about text payments? Bank transfers?

Many of your customers know how to use technology effectively and even prefer digital payment options to cash, check, or even card. If you want to keep up with your customers, you need to provide them with the technology, options, security, and convenience they’re looking for.

How To Simplify the Payment Process

Using easy payments can give your business these benefits:

  • Improved customer experience.
  • Greater rates of customer retention.
  • Better brand trust and loyalty.

Below are some ideas to help you and your business capitalize on these advantages.

Adopt Allset Zero Cost Processing Software

With Allset’s Zero Cost Processing you can eliminate high credit card processing fees for your business. Processing fees can add up to thousands of dollars over the course of a month for some businesses.

Allset is software designed to make payments easier for small businesses like yours. With Allset, you can automate payments and communications with your customers. It’s one quick way for you to simplify the payment process, save on processing fees, and improve the payment experience for your customers.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

These days, there are many ways to pay for goods and services. More and more customers are using primarily digital or online forms of payment (roughly 17 percent of all purchases made in 2020 were through digital bank transfers or payment apps.)

The more simple payment options you can offer, the more customers you’ll attract and retain.

Help Customers Feel Secure

When considering how to simplify payments, you need to consider security. Choose platforms and payment methods you can trust. If anything goes wrong with a customer’s payment, they’ll associate that negative experience with your company.

Allset is secure, fast, and easy to use. See what Allset can do for your company!

Brand Matters

Another way to help customers feel secure is to establish your brand identity. You want your company’s image to be recognizable and easy to associate with a positive experience. Here are a few tips on building a secure brand that will encourage your customers to press send payment:

  • Be transparent | Give your customers a taste of your business culture and show them you are genuine.
  • Be consistent | Your font choices, color schemes, business voice, and logo should be consistent across all social media platforms and brick-and-mortar spaces.
  • Be responsive | Prioritize listening to your customers and responding quickly to queries, concerns, and requests.

Improve User Interface

One of the most important factors of keeping payments simple is the software powering the payments. In a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, “52 percent [of consumers] say that half or more of their purchases are influenced by convenience.” Who you choose to power your payments controls the experience you and your customers have during the payment process.

An important goal for business owners is to remove any potential friction during the payment process. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Have a clean design.
  • Give clear instructions.
  • Have an organized platform.
  • Make it easy for customers to make changes to their orders.
  • Create quick, smooth software, or customers may get impatient and cancel.

If the experience is positive, clear, and simple, the customer is more likely to go through with the payment.

Allset checks all the boxes. It’s an easy way to give your customers a great payment experience without creating the payment platform yourself.

Let Your Customers Make Simple Payments

An easy payment system can make your company stronger. Try Allset for an easy way to simplify your payments and save money from processing fees. See an Allset demo here!

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