Simplify Your Billing with Recurring Billing

Cambri Morris2023-01-13

Setting up recurring billing streamlines the payment process with repeat customers.

Simplify Your Billing

Recurring charges are an easy way to simplify your business. Looking for a way to make your life and your customers’ lives easier? What if you could charge your house-cleaning clients every week without needing to ask for their billing information every time? Allset provides a way to streamline recurring payments to make the billing process extra smooth.

What Is Recurring Billing?

Businesses in service industries that find themselves doing work for the same clients will find recurring billing a useful tool. It enables the business to charge the same client repeatedly without needing to take down credit card information with every job.

Avoid the Hassle of Taking Manual Payments

If your business is in the outdoor care or cleaning industries, you probably visit some of the same clients regularly to clean their houses or mow their lawns. Without recurring billing helping you out, these interactions might include the following:

  • The need to ask for payment information repeatedly.
  • Wasted time as the client searches for their wallet.
  • Typos in the credit card number as you input it into your billing software.

Recurring charges make the billing process so much easier by eliminating all of these issues.

What Are the Benefits of Recurring Billing?

Recurring billing is perfect for the service industry! It’s a wonderful tool that can help your business do the following:

  • Save Time: When you use recurring charges, you can show up for a job, complete the work, and leave. All you need to do to get paid is charge the customer’s credit card, which you’ll have saved in your billing software. You can accept payments from your house — it’s super easy!
  • Increase Payment Security: As more and more digital payment options emerge, many business owners and customers worry about account security. With a customer’s card saved on file, your banking info and your customer’s credit card are safer than they would be if you used multiple manual charges.
  • Make Billing Convenient: “Instead of having to provide billing information for a routine charge repeatedly, the customer can authorize the merchant to keep payment details on file. Then, the merchant can charge the designated account each…time that the agreed-upon goods or services are delivered” from an article titled Recurring Billing: Definition, Types, and Examples.
  • Reduce Paper Waste: With recurring billing, you do not need to print an invoice or receipt! You can take your payment straight from your customer’s account without creating more paper waste. Do yourself and the planet a favor when you use recurring charges!

How To Set Up Recurring Charges With Allset

Allset Pay by Text software has the option to set up recurring billing with your clients. Allset can save your business time and energy by streamlining the billing process for repeat customers. Here’s how recurring billing works with Allset.

Step 1 | Capture Credit Card Information Up-Front

When you first meet with a client you know you’ll be working with multiple times, take down their credit card information right away. Allset has the option to save the card. Select this option, and you’ll be able to charge the card whenever you need to.

Step 2 | Charge a Card on File

Now, every time you do business with your saved clients, you’ll be able to charge their cards directly because you have them on file. Instead of sending the client an invoice over text, the recurring charge will be sent as a receipt to your customer.

Try Allset Today!

Allset was designed for businesses in the service industry. With Pay by Text capabilities, Zero Cost Processing, and the option to make recurring charges, Allset can help your business save time and money. Get started with Allset today.

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