How Zero Cost Processing Works

Cambri Morris2023-01-04

Zero Cost Processing and Pay by Text help businesses avoid paying credit card processing fees.

One of the struggles for many small businesses is figuring out how to take payments. In a digital era, this almost always means using an online platform or app such as Square, Paypal, or Venmo. The problem with these methods is that they usually charge a transaction fee to accept credit cards.

Allset uses text-to-pay software with Zero Cost Processing to help businesses serve their customers without paying extra at every transaction.

What Is Zero Cost Processing?

With Zero Cost Processing, your business can avoid paying credit card processing fees. With Allset, the credit card fee amount is calculated and included in the price of your service as a surcharge. In other words, your customers will pay the processing fee instead of your business.

Why Do I Need Zero Cost Processing for My Business?

If you want to appeal to most customers these days, you need to offer digital payment methods. The processing fees included in many of these digital payment methods can cause the following problems for your business:

  • Extra Costs: Processing fees are a percentage of the amount being transferred. On large purchases, this amount can become hefty. Any business would want to avoid paying this extra money just to receive payments from customers.
  • Credit Card Floats: Sometimes transactions take a couple of days to hit the cardholder’s account. You will probably have to pay the processing fees for a payment you don’t even have yet, which is annoying and risky.
  • Price Markup: When your business has to pay processing fees, you may have to increase prices for services to make up the difference. Increased prices can drive customers to seek business from your competitors with lower prices.

The Benefits of Zero Cost Processing

Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to budget for credit card processing fees. Here are a few ideas for what business could be like:

  • No Fees for Your Business: Enjoy taking payments without paying extra to process credit cards. You won’t need to worry about paying fees with money you don’t have because of credit card floats.
  • Convenience for Your Customers: Zero Cost Processing software like Allset’s Pay by Text feature makes paying for products convenient for customers. Our software sends them a text message, they click the link, and they pay. Easy!
  • More Money To Put Toward Your Business: When you’re not spending money on processing fees, you’ll be surprised by how much extra cash you have to spend on other aspects of your business.

How To Get Rid of Processing Fees

Zero Cost Processing services like Allset can eliminate processing fees by implementing a surcharge. Customers can pay from the comfort of their couches with Text to Pay, and they’ll take care of the processing fees for you.

Convenience Is Key!

“People are now divided along two camps: those that want value and those that want convenience,” said Scott Wingo in an article published on Retail Dive. Many people would rather pay extra if it meant they didn’t have to leave the house!

When you use Allset’s Pay by Text, you can save money by not paying processing fees and then using that money to improve your customer experience. Your customers will thank you with more business, and your business will be even more profitable.

Allset Zero Cost Processing Software

Looking for a way to get out of paying credit card processing fees, get a little extra business cash, and improve your customer experience? Click here to try Allset for yourself and see how much you can save with Zero Cost Processing!

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